The Youth are our Future!

The Youth Ministry at GBBC are both proud and appreciative of the articulation of the new generational perspective and action of the Gospel. Our main mission is to help cultivate, guide, and teach the next generation of believers in a open-minded environment of love, grace, faith, and mercy. We strive to teaching our Youth the spiritual teachings needed to walk with Christ and grow closer to the Cross. We are blessed with a loving group of children and youth who are passoniate for the Gospel and serving others.  

Our Goals

• Engaging children and teens in worship sessions with age-appropriate songs, prayers, offertory, and the preaching of God’s Word.
• Engaging children and teens in small group study sessions with themed lessons so that they will develop, and grow in their study and knowledge of the Biblical text and Jesus Christ.
• Engaging children and teens in fellowship activities that are child-centered, emotionally and spiritually healthy, and supportive

Engaging children and teens in developing their God-given spiritual gifts in order to help build the Kingdom of God within and outside of the church.

Engaging children and teens into having the confidence and courage to ask the difficult questions and seek out the answers through prayer and study of word.

To encourage students to find their own voice and understanding of the scriptures and their faith in Christ.