Deacon Ministry

Lead by Deacon George Surratt, the purpose of the Deacons is to minister and serve the spiritual needs of the church members and the community at large through devotional and spiritual service. They are spiritual leaders serving Christ through service to others. They are to assist the Pastor with administering Baptism and Communion, ministering to the sick and shut-ins, performing other duties in the interest of the members and promoting spiritual growth of the church and the community.

Objectives and Duties

1. To provide needed items and service for baptism and communion.

2. To promote Christian principles and practices sponsoring programs and events that teach Biblical truths and moral lessons.

3. To be men and women whose reputation for piety and whose kind deportment will give force to their ministry and inspire listeners to follow Jesus.

4. To visit the sick, the miserable, the helpless and the hopeless and to hold forth to them the consolations of the Gospel of Christ by personal uplifting examples, and not by lecture.

5. To be in concert with our pastor and His vision.

6. To provide leadership to all members.

7. To be the face and a wholesome image of the church.

8. To maintain and keep consistent contact with individual deacon/deaconess family members.